Abraham Joyner-Meyers studies literature and theater at Harvard University. His academic research explores how singing and other musical performance has been used in both historical and contemporary productions of Shakespeare.

Abe’s love of Shakespeare led him to a fascination with dramatic structure and theatrical storytelling more broadly, interests he has explored as an actor, director, and dramaturge.

In 2019, he helped develop the new folk musical Death Do Us Part which he directed on the American Repertory Theater’s Loeb Mainstage in association with Harvard University. He is especially interested in experimenting with ways live and recorded sound can be integrated into live theatrical storytelling. Abe is currently participating in the development of an interactive virtual performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which will be premiered online early this fall.

As an audio engineer, Abe has worked as a front-of-house audio engineer at the American Repertory Theater and at Arena Stage as well as sound designing student productions at Harvard. He serves as the studio manager and chief recording engineer at the Harvard student SOCH Recording Studio.

Abe is also an award-winning multi-instrumentalist who studied string performance at Berklee College of Music in 2017-2018. He recently won 1st place and Judges Choice in the guitar competition at the 49th annual Deer Creek Fiddler’s Convention. His former folk group Maelstrom released their album “Deep Roots, New Growth” in 2017. He was recently invited to join English progressive folk trio Callithump. They are currently preparing release their first recording together.

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Abraham Joyner-Meyers studies theater and literature at Harvard University, and plays folk music in Boston and Washington DC.

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